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Manchester United FC 2023-24 season Logo and Kits Download Link for Dream League Soccer 2019 are given below.

In Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19), Manchester United FC is an iconic team that has a massive fan following across the globe. The 2023-24 season brings renewed excitement as players can take charge of this historic club and experience the thrill of leading Manchester United FC to victory. The team's logo and kits add to the authenticity of the gameplay, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the legacy of this legendary club.

The Manchester United FC logo in DLS 19 features the iconic "Red Devil" symbol, representing the team's ferocious spirit and determination on the field. The crest, with its red and yellow color scheme, is a symbol of pride for the club's passionate fan base. As players take control of Manchester United FC, the logo displayed prominently on the virtual pitch serves as a reminder of the club's rich football heritage and its status as one of the most successful clubs in the sport's history.

In addition to the logo, the kits of Manchester United FC in DLS 19 reflect the club's iconic colors. The home kit features the traditional red jersey, adorned with the "Red Devil" crest and other significant sponsors. The away kits showcase the club's stylish alternate designs, such as an eye-catching white or black ensemble. Donning these kits, players can feel the pride of representing Manchester United FC on the virtual field, and as they engage in thrilling matches and competitions, they can experience the passion and loyalty associated with this historic club.


Manchester United FC Logo - DLS19

Home Kit

Manchester United FC Home Kit - DLS19

Away Kit

Manchester United FC Away Kit - DLS19

Third Kit

Manchester United FC Third Kit - DLS19

GK Home Kit

Manchester United FC GK Home Kit - DLS19

GK Away Kit

Manchester United FC GK Away Kit - DLS19


GK Third Kit

Manchester United FC GK Third Kit - DLS19


Manchester United FC Kits Downloading Tutorial:
        • Open Game
        • Click on the CUSTOMISE TEAM from MY CLUB at the CAREER
        • Edit Logo/Kits
        • Click on Download
        • Copy Logo & Kits link from this post
        • Paste in the game and Confirm.

Video Tutorial:

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